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Unlike you I have no name
Artist | Student | Photography
I am an Asshole
I'm not photogenic
I like to make music
I like to write
i like to draw
i like to take photographs
i appreciate silence
i like talking
i am really weird
i can go on forever
but i wont
talk to me if you want to know
something else
i'll answer :)
  • Listening to: "Mock the cross" - Bloodbath

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1. CUICUI IS MY LIFE, not true, but it is important. For all those who don't know what cui cui is, open youtube, look for knee deep and wait for sec 8 and the first thing you hear, that's the cui cui (or in english koo-ee koo-ee)
2. I've been plotting michelin's mascot murder for quite a few years now. Someday, i'll get him for being so round and white and happy...bitch.
3. When i was young, I was a sad little person. Until I discovered the "I don't give a shit" philosophy, it works wonders <3
4. I did art theft once, i stopped drawing ever since, not proud of it, but i did found some really awesome friends after that, who regardless of my acts stayed there with me, i'll never forget that c: <3
5. I hate people who want equality but demand priviledges because they are different, fuck you, you want your equality HAVE IT! BLEEEEEEEEEEH CUIII CUIIIIIIIII /,,/
6. My favorite band of all times is kalmah
7. I'm usually a very diplomatic person, but i've slowly been losing it lately
8. I own 3 guitars and 1 extra that i borrowed from a friend, because...shut up.
9. I'm 19 and i dislike going to parties were the main theme is standing around drinking alcohol and doing nothing, i'm more of a let's go have dinner/coffee and have a nice chat, OMGIFEELSOoldNOW...or, i might just be a boring person c:
10. I start most of my sentences with "I", I must be a really selfish person, I owe more than 50 drawings for my artistic drawing class and well... yes. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ....yeah i'm done now.


Your mom ( tell her please c: )

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UmbraLunae Feb 14, 2012  Professional Photographer
muchísimas gracias por los favoritos :D
theEinME Feb 14, 2012  Student Photographer
¡Es un placer! Me gustó muchísimo la composición.
UmbraLunae Feb 15, 2012  Professional Photographer
theEinME Mar 20, 2012  Student Photographer
UmbraLunae Feb 15, 2012  Professional Photographer
gracias de nuevo!!! :D
Gracias por el fav!! :hug:
theEinME Dec 29, 2011  Student Photographer
un placer! me gustó mucho
TheRaainn Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
gracias por los :+fav:!
theEinME Dec 29, 2011  Student Photographer
un placer!
purplekyloe Dec 19, 2011  Student General Artist
Thank you for the :+fav:! :huggle:
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